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Puja Inc.

 Pundit Rabidutt Maharaj |

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Puja Inc. is the new home of!


Twenty two years ago, was started to serve as a small library of information, guidance and a brief history of the legacy of  worship, worshipers and leaders of  worship in the West Indian Diaspora.

Since then, times, technology and needs have changed. I am currently re-working the (now website to serve the same purpose - and more.

If you would like to be AUTOMATICALLY notified when the re-design is complete,
please fill out the simple form HERE.

In the meantime, please feel free to see the work I lead at

With thanks and blessings,


Pundit Rabidutt Maharaj.

Founder and Chief Executive, Dharma Inc. International

Founder and Spiritual Head, Sri Vishnu Sahastranaam Mandir (Temple)

Dharma Inc. International

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